Energy Dashboard Setup

Thank you for your interest in our data visualization platform. Here we will collect some information specific to the Elkor product purchased. This information will allow us expedite the setup process into our energy visualization platform and guide you to the product that fits your needs.


Our energy visualization platform comes in two different packages: Monitoring and Monitoring Plus. One of these packages must be applied to each meter in your account. For projects that have more than one meter and/or site, a combination of packages can be used to facilitate the energy monitoring goals of the project.


Monitoring & Dynamic Data Visualization

This package tracks and trends energy consumption and power measurements from the meter. It monitors energy system performance and provides data visualization and analysis. This monitoring can assist users by identifying inefficiencies in the system as well as providing valuable data for simulating the effects of future enhancements to the system.
It includes:

▪ Monitoring with data analytics
▪ Data logging
▪ Data historian
▪ Cloud-based data storage
▪ Reporting (exports to .xls, .csv, .pdf)
▪ Alarm management

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Monitoring Plus

Monitoring, Dynamic Data Visualization & Cost Tracking

This package includes all the features provided in the monitoring package with the added benefit of utility rate integration and cost tracking. Utility rate information provided by the customer and confirmed with the utility is integrated into the site. Cost metrics are tracked in each calendar month with reports generated within the account after each cycle is complete.

Portfolio Management

Aggregate Monitoring

Whether you have one installation or many, you can use our platform to access data for your entire portfolio of connected systems and equipment.

Our packages are scalable across multiple sites for customers with portfolio level energy management needs.



Pricing starts as low as $22.50 a month per meter. During your initial consultation that follows this setup process, our representative will go over pricing options with you and provide a quote that fits the needs of your energy management project. All Insight packages include a free no obligation 90-day trial.

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