Core Features

Our energy cloud orchestration platform is designed to help provide a balanced energy profile for power producers and large power consumers. Below are some of the features that come standard with all of our software licenses to help your organization create the most efficient energy system possible.

  • Automated provisioning capabilities help integrators find equipment faster and connect it using less custom programming, saving customers money during installation.
  • Plug-and-play technology complies with industry standards such as SunSpec, and uses protocols like MODBUS and popular Internet of Things (IoT) gateways to reduce installation and programming costs.
  • Customizable displays allow system users to view relevant information, increasing their ability to efficiently perform in their individual roles.
  • Advanced cybersecurity measures are programmed into every aspect of our software platform to ensure your data is secure and your system is reliable.
  • Optional cloud-based access allows users to view valuable system data from anywhere, reducing the need for site visits when equipment performance issues arise.
  • Easily extend your data visualization capabilities to include your entire portfolio of energy assets from around the world. Equipment libraries can be shared throughout organizations to further reduce integration time for each new instance of the software.
  • Historian and reporting tools allow you to review past events to identify trends, build best practices, and easily comply with internal and external reporting requirements.
  • Legacy asset integration capabilities mean you can continue to use your current equipment and upgrade or connect new sites when it makes sense for your organization.