Optimize Through Intelligence

A powerful platform to model, integrate, and operate distributed energy systems



Our platform uses proprietary code to simulate the performance of energy assets, including storage. The same code structure is used to integrate and operate those systems, reducing the time needed for costly engineering before deployment.


Develop lower-risk bankable projects by using the same technology to simulate and operate complex energy systems that meet projected revenues.


Storage Agnostic

Storage technologies have a wide range of specs and chemistries suited for specific applications. Our platform enables customers to select the best solution for their projects to maximize returns on investment (ROI).

Rapid, Code-Free Deployment

With our code-free engineering tools, equipment is configured and controls are commissioned in a fraction of the time to reduce project integration time by up to 40% to improve project and portfolio internal rates of return (IRR).


Data-Driven Optimization

Through our machine-learning algorithms, your system becomes smarter over time to maximize equipment life and improve forecasting capabilities to deliver on contracted terms.

Value Stacking

Our predictive analytics allow our customers to maximize revenue opportunities in bulk energy markets. Stack storage and other applications to create multiple revenue streams for ancillary grid services with the potential to increase project IRRs to 10% or more.


Enhanced Assets & Portfolio Management

Our software collects, analyzes, and aggregates data in real-time, identifying performance issues to reduce replacement and operating costs throughout your portfolio.

Customizable Displays & Reports

Ensure your system is performing optimally by viewing exactly what you need, when you need it. Create, save, and share custom report templates throughout your portfolio to reduce manual reporting processes.



Our platform ensures you have the flexibility to incorporate new storage technologies as your energy needs evolve. Add modules, connect new equipment, and expand your system without any extra integration work.


Equipment libraries can be shared throughout organizations to further reduce integration time for each new instance of our software as you expand your portfolio of assets.