Integrating a complex network of energy resources has never been easier. Both Internet-of-Things (IoT) devices and existing legacy equipment can be interconnected seamlessly using the Iteros platform.

The software automatically scans for nearby devices that are not yet configured. Some devices can be configured with a single mouse click, while others require some additional information to complete the provisioning process. Within seconds of successful configuration, the Iteros software begins collecting and displaying real-time data for newly published equipment definitions.

The Iteros software complies with SunSpec standards, and uses MODBUS and popular IoT gateways to enable installers to connect equipment with little or zero custom programming. Once published, equipment definitions are stored in an expansive library, and can be used repeatedly to integrate the same equipment across different instances of the software, whether those instances are part of the same physical system, or separate.

Iteros built its software platform to be flexible, secure, and scalable. From portfolio monitoring to intelligent automated control, the software enables customers to achieve optimal performance across entire organizations. With features including custom reporting capabilities, real-time data visualization, and alarm management, customers can provide an unlimited number of permissions-based users with access to the data they need, whenever and wherever they need it.

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Iteros provides a code-free equipment configuration process and intuitive interface to help integrators connect equipment quickly and easily.

Case Study: Facility-Level Management

The Challenge:

A commercial customer has costly peak demand charges that the utility charges for times of highest usage. The utility offers a day-ahead use reduction program, but connection to the utility to receive its program signals requires programming expertise. Furthermore, participation in the utility’s program requires extensive forecasting and management.

The Solution:

The Iteros platform can utilize the customer’s existing facility management controls to gather consumption data and apply machine-learning techniques to reduce custom engineering costs. The software automates the control of energy assets based on predefined customer priorities, including facility occupancy levels and day-ahead market signals from the utility, to reduce the customer’s load and subsequent energy costs.