Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Unlock valuable equipment data by including the Iteros software platform with your product offering to:

  • learn more about how your equipment performs in the real world
  • save time diagnosing issues in the field by remotely monitoring your equipment for years after it leaves the assembly line
  • predict maintenance needs
  • sustain peak performance
  • extend the life of your equipment.

The advanced data collection, aggregation, and visualization capabilities of the Iteros solution are accessible through an optional web-based portal, allowing your team to view your entire portfolio of customer data when and where it’s needed.

Your customers will experience:

  • less idle time
  • more optimized systems
  • greater return on investment

Our software can also integrate other equipment and devices, which means your customers can monitor overall operational performance and identify opportunities for improvement.

The platform also expands to include manual control, data analysis, automation, and machine-learning capabilities, which help to simplify and optimize operations for entire energy systems. The same platform scales from simple monitoring to increase situational awareness, to optimization of virtual power plants, supporting an energy sharing economy, and everything in between.

Contact us today to learn more about including our software platform with your product offering.