Project Developers

We have extensive experience in creating technology that solves complex problems for government agencies, communities, and utilities.

The modernization of the traditional grid, the push to incorporate innovative generation and storage technologies, and the need for a system that provides economic benefits can make typical project development challenges seem more difficult.

We’re here to help. We created a software platform that is flexible, sustainable, and secure. Our energy cloud orchestration platform was built to allow a variety of users to access the information they need using a simple, intuitive interface. Whether a customer simply needs a way to aggregate energy data and view their entire portfolio to improve situational awareness, or they’re building a virtual power plant to participate in the wholesale energy market, our platform doesn’t just make it possible, it makes it easy.

Increasing efficiencies, employing storage technologies, balancing loads across interconnected equipment and facilities, and handling physical and financial transactions between power producers and consumers can all be achieved with the flexible, easy-to-use software platform provided by Iteros.

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At Iteros, we understand that no two projects are alike, which makes it challenging for project developers to find solutions that meet a variety of customer needs.

Case Study #1: Renewable Microgrid

The Challenge:

A microgrid developer needs to integrate energy storage to optimize renewable resources and deliver stable power to the utility. The microgrid needs to be managed, along with other resources within the developer’s portfolio, from an off-site operations center.

The Solution:

Iteros provides a single platform that allows the developer to integrate any type of generation or storage asset available. The simulation tool can provide guidance during design to ensure the system is sized properly to deliver dependable power to the grid. Data from multiple sites is aggregated and can be accessed securely by the customer from anywhere in the world.

Case Study #2: Distributed Generation & Storage

The Challenge:

A large-scale renewable power producer needs to maximize grid services revenue using various generation and storage assets. Individual site and aggregate data must be regularly compiled and delivered to various parties in multiple formats. Grid-scale cybersecurity requirements require regulatory knowledge and expertise, which increases operational costs significantly.

The Solution:

Iteros aggregates all data collection and system control capabilities into one easy-to-use platform. The customer can remotely track market signals across its entire portfolio to optimize performance based on utility pricing data. It can participate in energy markets using assets from a single site, or aggregate resources for programs such as frequency regulation and voltage control.